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tonio armani and gospel sexiness

Let’s get this out of the way real quick! Some of y’all prolly sayin’, “why is there a picture of this boy on the cover with his shirt all open”? The real answer: That’s the best non pixelated clear file I could find. The political roundabout answer... why are you judging a man based on what he wears and how he wears it. Just as so many judgemental folks talk about the curves on Tamela Mann, Erica and Tina Campbell. They’ve been blessed and no matter what they wear they will be sexy. My boo Ally Mo is built the same way. Although she gets embarrassed when folk compliment her dress, I stand with pride like David Mann does with Tamela. We all know it ain’t really the “dress” but it’s how it makes them curves stand out even more. When these “sexy” artists sing, you forget all about them open shirts or booty huggin’ skirts. Stop hatin’ on those who have been blessed with physical good looks. That’s my roundabout back to the real answer. So that was the best pic I could find then I figured I could stir up some more stuff by mentioning sexy people of Gospel Music. What can I say, sex sells...even in Gospel Music. I’m a hot mess, I know...He still working on me. But you know Dave and Tamela look good in this pic! Have a blessed week y’all!

If you want to read about my visit to First AME Church in North Las Vegas, just click on the pic to download the PDF.

Jokey Jokes available in PDF also. Go'n click on it!

The internet sensation, Tonio Armani kicks it off with a southern soul gospel version of “Praying Time”. Everything this man sings sounds like an old southern Baptist. Mervin Mayo brings us a contemporary soulful smooth R&B sound with “God Did It”. Keeping with some smooth R&B but with rap vocals of Mike Teezy featuring the gospel vocals of Jekalyn Carr. On "Hands On Me" Jekalyn is riding that blended style of singing and rapping bringing CHH to Hip Hop/R&B level. While we’re on the subject of CHH, here comes Colby Savage. The track is a fire souful churchy hip hop track. Then Colby spits annointed words with a real deal bboy flow. As always with ItsAllGospel, the music grabs you first then before you realize praising God!

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