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It's All Gospel was created to bring inspirations through music and film.  This is not about denomination, religious sect or what religion to follow.  It's about showing love and compassion to our fellow man.  Inspiring you to keep the faith and following the righteous path you're in.  Whether you're Christian, Islam, Jewish or other...we all seek a spiritual relationship with The Higher Power, God, Yahweh, Jah or Jesus.  The biblical stories of Jesus, influences each of these religions.  Since the gospels are about Jesus and Jesus is about love and faith, then anything and everything about love is gospel.  Hence, "It's All Gospel".  

We provide artist support, advisory and counsel at no charge.  There is a common formula for success in entertainment as well as any other business.  It's called FOCUS.  You must focused, consistent and persistent.  Any gap in consistency means you're not focused.  Any lack of faith and you won't be persistent.  Avoid distractions such as chasing charts, impressing other artists, doing a million things instead of the one thing you love.  JUST FOCUS, BE CONSISTENT AND BE PERSISTENT.  If you been at it for 20 or 30 years with no success then you've missed out on one or all three of those variables.  Most of the time it's because there are things you don't want to do.  You must learn every aspect of your business whether you like it or not.  One day when you are successfully making a lot money, you can delegate the jobs you don't like.  Until then, be your own promoter, producer, agent, manager and songwriter.  The other really big factor in success...learn how to network and be a people person while staying focused on your path.  Mediocre talent with people skills will always triumph over amazing talent with the personality of a butthole.  

Any questions, comments or concerns just feel free to contact's all free, it's all good and it's all gospel!

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