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It's All Gospel was created to bring inspirations through music and film.  This is not about denomination, religious sect or what religion to follow.  It's about showing love and compassion to our fellow man.  Inspiring you to keep the faith and following the righteous path you're in.  Whether you're Christian, Islam, Jewish or other...we all seek a spiritual relationship with The Higher Power, God, Yahweh, Jah or Jesus.  The biblical stories of Jesus, influences each of these religions.  Since the gospels are about Jesus and Jesus is about love and faith, then anything and everything about love is gospel.  Hence, "It's All Gospel".  

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Money Moses

Ally Mo 

The Chaddy Bear

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Larry W. Robinson

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The Lion's Den with Leo the Lion
Saturdays at 11am CST
Sundays at 2pm CST

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