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Money Moses - Executive Producer and co-host of IAG.

George Anthony Moses, Jr...nicknamed "Money" by both parents at birth, was born in the Duncan Ave Housing Projects of Jersey City NJ.  Raised in the New Haven CT area with my Catholic Nigerian/Italian father from Queensbridge Houses, Long Island City, Queens, New York and southern Baptist mother from Franklinton, NC.

After obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of New Haven in Radio, Film/TV with a minor in Music, my entertainment career started as a hip hop deejay.  With strong influence and support from uncle, the legendary Raleigh NC radio dj and sports announcer Chester Davis, DJ Money Moses worked the airwaves of WNHU FM West Haven CT to various nightclubs in and around NY, NJ and CT.


From internship at ABC-TV's Sally Jesse Raphael show to writing for Source Magazine and One Nut Magazine. While deejaying at WNHU I established friendships with many hip hop deejays around the world but the key relationships came from networking with Funkmaster Flex, Coco Chanelle, Bobbito and Stretch Armstrong, Tat Money, Wildman Steve, EC La Rock, Chuck Chill Out, King Sol, T. Money, Dr Dre (of Yo!MTV) Prince Messiah and Red Alert.  Although I knew most of the prominent deejays of the 80s and 90s, those were the folks that helped me get into key positions at the beginning of my career. That networking hustle in New York City landed me a job at Capitol Records.  It was fun touring with King Tee, Tha Alkaholics and Mellow Man Ace but I got in trouble for ditching MC Hammer.  Back then "real" hip hop folk didn't do MC Hammer.  I was supposed to help with promotions when he came to Madison Square Garden.  I was a no show and received a warning "do that again and you out of a job".  Didn't matter 'cause Hammer and his Oakland crew didn't want anything to do with me after that. Reality was He didn't need me, he was already a worldwide star.  But, I made sure I didn't miss meeting up with Janet Jackson and giving east coast road support to Phil Perry/Dave Koz tour.  Freddie Jackson gave me my first RIAA certified gold plaque.  All was good until I got caught moonlighting promoting  a local friend named Positive K.   Well I wasn't in big trouble because the boss, Step Johnson, wanted to know why this hit record wasn't on his label. The A&R department was in trouble because they refused to sign my friend which forced me to moonlight.  Pos K landed a deal with Island Records.  Ha! I showed them! So I got "laid off".  Pos brought me into his newly founded Creative Control Studios in Harlem NY.  Everybody came through our studio - Jay Z, Biggie, Big L, Big Daddy Kane and lots more.  Audio Two, Easy LG and my man Fruitkwan of Stet was there everyday recording something.  I get a call from my old boss from Capitol, Step Johnson, says he's flying in to New York and to meet him at Rosie Perez's HBO taping.  OK? Well He introduces me to Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg.  Tells me about his new gig at interscope records and that he wants me to run promotions for a new label Capitol wouldn't let him distribute.  Some label called Death Row Records run by a guy I never heard of called Suge Knight.  I turned him down.  Why? Because I'm east coast baby! I ain't never going to the west.  Young dumb and cocky LOL.  Even though "I Got A Man" was a huge hit and Pos still tours from that song, things got a little slow and my homie puts in a good word to Pendulum Records and American.  Thanks to Pos and Dan Charnas, I ended up in Burbank CA working for Rick Rubin's American/Warner Bros Records. The Promotion and touring experience with major label acts such as Janet Jackson, Phil Perry, Freddie Jackson, Sir Mixx-A-Lot, King Tee, Mellow Man Ace and more was an amazing experience. But I had a 3 year old I rarely spent time with since moving to Los Angeles.  Advice from Quincy Jones was to have an amazing career in entertainment and not really know your children or find another amazing career where you can spend time with your children.    Upon working with an awesome squad like Evan Forster, Pilar McCurry and Spring Aspers under Happy Walters in West Hollywood, the passion was gone.  I was just getting into motion picture music supervision in training with the movie Kingpin. Released my first publishing on the Rhyme & Reason soundtrack before exiting the biz.


A career move  was made in 1997 to the IT (Information Technology) world.  It's unbelievable to many when I tell them, I actually make twice as much doing this telecom thing.   Most importantly I was around to see my children grow up.  Allyson came along in 2015.  It's rare to find a humble good spirited woman that's beautiful with angelic vocals.  But it was the video games, action movie nerd in her that won me over!  With the rise of tech stuff, 2017 began marriage and a new life in the Houston TX area.  After a 30 year hiatus and inspiration from the wife, Money Moses returns to entertainment...this time in the world of Gospel and positive music.    

Out of support for the wife and her love of singing, IAG began on the first Saturday of 2021.  

Viewers and other cast members often tease me as the best "button pusher" around..."now just push the button!" they would jokingly add.  Yes I do all the graphics, videos, music production, etc.  I don't want to but I will until the right team comes along.  My old squad is scattered around New York, Atlanta and Los Angeles doing very well at their own thing.  

I'm still in the IT/Telecom Multimedia industry.  While in Texas for 8 years, I did my thing for Verizon, Frontier Communications and NASA LBJ Space Center.  Came to Las Vegas in September 2023 to work on Verizon's fiber optic engineering project for Las Vegas Formula One Racing and the 2024 Super Bowl.  Working on the new Resorts World and Fountainebleu Hotel & Casinos are some added Vegas ventures in my time here.  Currently I'm on with the new engineering project of placing Google Fiber in the Las Vegas market. Because Fiber Optic is my main hustle, the wife and I can enjoy our 24/7 gospel station, her singing and recording, podcasting, making videos and helping others.  We have been blessed and currently living our best life!



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