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new quartet music - angie & restored

Hot new gospel music as always but first let’s acknowledge our very own Chad “Chaddy Bear” Howard being honored at Houston’s Black Excellence Awards. A definite event to attend...produced and presented by Niecy Duffield-Dobbins of Breakfree Ministries. Congrats Chad! Mrs Moses has me making sure y’all see what’s added to her daily “Evening of Intimate Praise” Gospel Show. Most of her show is CCM, Contemporary Gospel, Praise and Worship. Big thanks to Jason and Neva for supplying much of the indie christian/gospel stuff. So i’m gonna list her stuff here cuz I haven’t designed her page yet. Thank you for your patience. First we highlight four artists and songs she strongly supports. Shiela Moore-Piper displays smooth vocals on “Love Is A Beautiful Thing”, Contemporary praises of Minister Ceddy P and V2V with “The Rock”, Klesure brings us an intimate jazzy sound with “You Make Me Wanna Dance”, lastly J.E. White brings us a worship song entitled “Fall In Love”. Currently “An Evening of Intimate Praise” is nightly from 8pm to 1am central time. Soon we will be converting time schedules to Pacific time. You’ll be updated when that happens. Thank you all for our increased listenership. Four to five hundred daily listeners is a small beginning but truly a blessing. And for the thousands of followers waiting for the return of our podcast...soon and very soon. Why you singing to yourself, “we are going to see the king” LOL Proceed to the music reviews. Flip, scroll, swipe, however...

Our cover girls this week is Angie & Restored. Nothing like that good ol’ churchy quartet music. These annointed ladies of the STL (St. Louis MO) are bringin’ it with “He Still Working Miracles”.

Go’n follow them on facebook. Then my man Calvin D. introduces us to the traditional southern soulful gospel sounds of Malcom Christopher II sangin’ “Do It For Me”. You wanna learn more about Malcolm check out his interview with Calvin D.

Let’s scoot over to some great r&b/holy hip hop gospel from Mike Stokes. His joint “Supa Love” has the hot secular sound with a holy message. Last but not least, the christian pop superstar Forrest Frank does it again with a hard hittin’ track called “God Is Good”. Normally you’d never hear any christian song and quartet music on the same station. But here, we honor Ally Mo’s favorite phrase “it’s all gospel” to me.

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