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Ted & Sheri with new music

As a fan, I’m so excited to introduce this brand new Ted & Sheri “You’ve Been So Faithful”. I’ve been so faithful waiting on their smooth neo-soulful hip hop style to rise again! Upbeat choir inspirations from Chi-town with “He’s A Wonder” by the Chicago Mass Choir. Since we in the church mood, Fred Perry and 2nd Generation brings us another quartet banger “Oh To Be Kept”. Back on that R&B/hip hop Gospel tip comes Joe Ryan III with “My Heart” featuring Chris Promise. Then comes the smooth vocals of Lisa Bellamy with “Joy” featuring Cody Norris and Austin Carr. I can see gospel steppers groovin’ to this track. Enjoy and be encouraged! Love ya!!

iag issue 38
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Although I left 7 months ago, I got all emotional watching the wife Ally Mo online doing a solo for her last Sunday at Mt. Calvary Missionary Baptist Church in Baytown TX. The house finally sold after 3 months on the market and Allyson is officially Las Vegas bound this week. The Voices of Calvary under the leadership of sister Judy Hunter threw an intimate going away luncheon for her. Good thing I wasn’t there, I’d prolly be cryin’ all up in the restaurant with them. 6 of our 8 years in Baytown, Mt Calvary was our home church. Well it still is cuz I’m doing the website and graphics for online services. Brethren Deonte Montgomery and Carl McGaskey are now running the media ministry and doing a fantastic job. There ain’t enough room to mention the great times and special moments with each and every one of the Deacons and Ministers. Sho would like to thank Pastor Raphael D. Montgomery for his guidance, support and most of all his true friendship. To all the members of MCBC we have come to know and love as family, thank you for loving us. Special thanks to the McGaskey, Williams and Montgomery families who included us in family stuff outside of church. Oh best believe we’ll be back to visit. Real quick shout to Pilgrim Rest Baptist in Phoenix AZ for the invite to Men’s Ministry online. Loved it!

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