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"The Rise of the Upcoming Power Label"

What a week! After spending so much time in Phoenix supervising the Google Fiber project, I finally flew out to Houston to pick up wifey boo Allyson Moses and the last bit of belongings we have. Baytown, Houston, League City and surrounding H-Town areas we’re gonna miss you. On the road trip I wanted to take some pics of Ally Mo at the Alamo in San Antonio. Mad crowded with whatever festival they had so we kept it pushing to Arizona. Arriving right on time Sunday morning to attend Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church in Phoenix. Made it to Vegas Sunday evening and knocked out. Monday began with playing catch up on IAG radio programming and designing this here pamphlet joint. As you can see on the cover, Archiefella Records is in the spotlight. Shout out to Lady C, Leo Brown and the big dog Archie Harrison. Also to our IAG peeps Paulette Wright and Cassaundra Webb. Them two ladies are bonafide sangas! We can never forget the man that makes all the connections and is the promo machine behind said artists and label...Dr Brad Howard.

With this whole move thing we missed the 2024 92.1 Houston Praise In The Park. We’ve missed a lot in Texas over the past few months but we have the Chaddy Bear there representing IAG. As of now we are restructuring our focus on Las Vegas and the west coast. Gospel is not commonly on the radio 24/7 on the west coast like it is in the south, midwest and east coast. Just because our showtimes and news will reflect the Pacific coast does not mean we will neglect our current stronghold in Texas, Louisiana, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and the Carolinas. We also have a large listenership in Finland, Germany and the United Arab Emirates. Supporting local indie gospel artists from anywhere in the world helps keep us on top and in front of the millions of gospel listeners world wide.

Let’s introduce the quartet sound of George Ponder Jr with “Come See About Me”.

Then a smooth contemporary sound from the Patricks with “With All I Got”.

Coming with a smooth R&B gospel sound is “Thy Will Be Done” from Danielle Stephens.

Ok now on to the spotlight label Archafella Records. Added

this week is CHH Artist Hebrew Gyrl with “All Hail The King”. There are more strong gospel rappers on this label that also include Label Exec Lady C. Not only do they have a fine line up of christian rappers but they also have a strong clientel of gospel singers. Veteran gospel

singer Paulette Wright has been smashing the charts with her single “Hold On”.

Also residing in Houston TX, strong vocal vet named Lady Caussandra Webb.

With the right planning from VP Leo Brown, this label is bound to the levels of yesteryear’s Malaco or today’s Tyscott. Props, peace and blessings to Archie Harrison.

iag pamphelt issue 39
Download PDF • 72.56MB

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