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STAND FIRM IN YOUR FAITH - celebrating malcolm x

Issue #41 May 20, 2024

Nebraska is known for it’s corn, steak and Warren Buffet. But there’s a small memorial located on the northside of Omaha for the birthplace of Malcolm Little, known worldwide in history as Malcolm X. What does Malcolm have to do with gospel? IT’S ALL GOSPEL...1st Corinthians 16:13-14 says, “Keep alert; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong. Everything that you do should be done in love.” Malcolm, just like Dr. King, loved his people. His faith was strong. Can we combine Memorial Day recognition with Malcolm X? I’m sure there are plenty of military men and women who would disagree. Let’s look at it like this, Memorial Day was originally Decoration Day in memorial of the U.S. Civil War. And since that time we have given memorials to our soldiers of World War 1 and 2. Our military stands to protect our American freedom. I too honor those who have fought for our American freedom. But Memorial Day started from the Civil War. Wasn’t Malcolm a soldier for our freedom and equality? A War we’ve been fighting since the original date of the Emancipation Promclamation. As I look over Memorial Day, Malcolm’s Birthday and the bible story Malcolm used quite often...The Exodus, I stand firm in my faith as Moses did. Firm in my faith as Malcolm did during civil unrest. Firm in my faith, As our military has done in each war. Yes It’s All Gospel...1 Corinthians 16:13-14

I would like to further acknowledge JoAnna LeFlore-Ejike, one of the executives of the Malcolm X Foundation in Omaha NE. Thank you young sister for your wealth of information and keeping the foundation alive. We encourage you visit Malcolm's birthplace and memorial in Omaha NE. If you can't make it, just drop by their website.

We heavy on the traditional churchy sound this week. You really go’n feel “I Feel the Spirit” by Jason Singleton and The Destiny Sound Choir. This young man has that old school down deep in the country inspirations going on.

In that same foot stompin’, praisin’ spirit is “Oh What A Change” by the New Haven, Connecticut gospel group Blessings. (only available to hear on iag radio)

Adding to the triple threat of Traditional gospel is LePoria Logan with an upbeat quartet track entitled “God’s Eyes”.

Now we go’n flip it over to some holy hip-hop with a new joint from Yung Illy “That’s My Jesus”.

The highlight of this week is Kenny Lewis & One Voice featuring the dynamic vocals of Kim Burrell on “Call His Name”. Be sure to listen to IAG radio daily.

Be sure to catch the latest interview of Sharrond King on the Unsigned Artist Gospel Show with your gospel host...J.Will

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